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This month we look at a few bits bought from car boots over the Summer from Brand X, Steve Miller Band, Hammer, Shirley Bassey and MFSB… We blow some cobwebs off killer tracks by Stateless, 2 Banks of 4 and Ben E King… there’s an exclusive from the forthcoming Slipmat Brothers and Pen Pals LP… plus some brand new bits from Yussef Kamaal and Tempelhof & Gigi Masin… Dig in!!!

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This month we kick off with some charity shop finds… the Rocky soundtrack by Bill Conti which I picked up donkeys years ago, and two recent finds at 50p each from Portishead and Howie B. I dug in my pockets and bought a few bits of vinyl from Rarekind Records with smashers by Ill Treats, Just Divine and Bobby Deans… then the mp3 selection has been done as a little 20min mix for you this month… we have a track from the King album ‘We are King’ followed by a smattering of boom-bap goodness from Georgy Whistler, George Fields, Simiah, Boora & Mr, Robberhood and Mr Brown. There’s a nice Large Pro remix from M.Skills, a track from the new Soundsci LP, plus a lovely track from Nite Funk. The we move into two cuts for the crates selection from the first Tricky LP and a Jazzanova remix of Ski… Dig in!!!!!

The Unexplained link between 3rd Bass and The Smiths

There’s something quite special when you spot a sample… This morning I was listening to a podcast of the previous night’s Iain Lee show on Talk Radio where he was reminiscing about the brilliant 80’s magazine ’The Unexplained’.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.45.39


Being a similar age to Iain, I too was a big fan of the magazine and it is always the images of spontaneous human combustion that will forever come to my mind whenever the magazine pops up in conversation.

Iain’s particular focus on his show was the free flexi disc that came with the first issue – Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment In Electronic Communication With The Dead, recorded by Konstantin Raudive & Michael Smythe.

This disc played examples of electronic voice phenomena (EVP), which are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded.

Iain played side one of the disc and I recognised the voice of the woman immediately… a quick search when I got into work allowed me to listen to the other side of the record and BOOM there is was at 1:16 in… the vocal sample from 3rd Bass ‘Triple Stage Darkness’… “You are sleeping, you do not want to believe”.


Being a big fan of hip hop through the 80’s I rarely listened to anything else… so I was completely unaware that their sample was ACTUALLY taken from the The Smiths tune ‘Rubber Ring’ (it appears right at the end).


Always good to connect the dots!

Show 13 now up on mixcloud

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My 8yr old son Mack joins me this month and gives his views! We start with some classics from Groove Collective, Massive Attack, Jamiroquai, Deyampart and DKD in our ‘Crates’ section, swiftly followed by a soundtrack-themed ‘Dirt’ section with track by Lalo Schifrin, Geoff Love, Rose Royce and Rik Baker. The ‘Net’ selection throes up a great cover version of Enter the Dragon by Mato, while we dig deep into our pockets for smashers from Leon Lowman, Midnight Eez and the Kings of Convenience. Then we round off the show with an exclusive ‘Spaz Griller’ mashup done by your truly… Dig in!

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